Racing To The Top Mr Olympia 2013

Mr Olympia 2013
Shortly after winning the heavyweight and overall titles at the 2005 NPC Junior National Championships (his third contest and first national level qualifier), Phil Heath hit this pose during his first photo shoot for FLEX magazine. The image and accompanying lines from Heath’s first FLEX cover (September 2005) show the then-25-year-old poised for bigger things, and he delivered, earning his pro card a few weeks later at the NPC USA Championships and then winning his first two contests in his rookie pro season in 2006. Despite minor speed bumps over the next few years, he continued to make good on the hype, climbing all the way to the top to become Mr. Olympia. Now with his eyes on another Show down this September, we'll see if Heath can become the seventh man in history to win three consecutive Mr. Olympias.